Monday, April 15, 2013

Pegasus Prime demo finally out for Mac OS X

A new update from Inside Mac Games about the new Mac OS X demo of The Journeyman Project Pegasus Prime, with the Windows version soon to follow.


Unknown said...

Is the remake still alive?
If you are having problems with money (and since alot of the original devs are working on this), why not make a kickstarter project?
That way, if it makes money, you can eventually make the cancelled journeyman 4 game.

Tommy said...

The programmers are confident that they've finally overcome the last bugs related to playback of the QuickTime media. You can keep up to date on our Twitter feed or Facebook page.

Having been in the works for so long, what features would you like to see in The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime?

Which part of The Journeyman Project music would you like to see released in a new soundtrack?

Would you be interested in buying The Journeyman Project soundtracks?

On what system did you first play The Journeyman Project?


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