Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Easter Eggs 101

Since most of the early birds who ordered The Journeyman Project 3 for Mac OS X should be receiving their DVDs by about now, we can share how a bunch of us on the dev team squandered the precious free time of our youth. By holding down the tilde key (near the top-left corner of your keyboard with the funny squiggle, usually located right below the escape key) on Macs, or the "e" key on Windows, you can unlock one of at least 17 once-known easter eggs in the game. By "once-known", that means we had once kept good track of them so that we could let the QA department know about it in case any of them might trigger an unexpected bug. However, it's been over ten years, so we'll dig up hints for these as best as we can for your gameplay pleasure.

This first one is fairly well-known: hold down the "easter egg" key (noted above) while clicking on Agent 3's empty JumpSuit when it first appears in the destroyed Atlantis environment. The result is a warning against leaving potentially embarrassing Halloween pics lying around imaginative co-workers.


blitter said...

Since the new Mac OS X release has been in the hands of customers for a while now, is it safe yet for me to divulge instructions as to how to reveal the "new" easter egg? ;-) (I believe I may have found it)

clone2727 said...

I believe I found where it is, just not how to trigger it yet. See here.

Tommy said...

Actually, the "whack-a-mole" game was in the original release, but it has a more complicated trigger than just the "easter egg" key. I think that's worth posting about with a hint soon. :)

Also, I did go in more detail as to the source of the game assets in this MacGamer interview: the primary changes were mainly recompressing some files at better data rate settings than the previous DVD-ROM release to reduce keyframe flicker.

clone2727 said...

Ah, I didn't know about the whack-a-mole joke before. I just assumed it was new in this one. Looks like I'll have to dive back into the data files again later ;)

I did see that interview, but the dates of most of the files I examined were still from 1998. I guess the whack-a-mole one was one you recompressed ;)

Thanks for the response, Tommy! :)

Unknown said...

17?!? I can only think of 11 that I know of, including finding the cornbread, and at least one, maybe two related to it. Hmmm, I'll have to do more searching now.

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On what system did you first play The Journeyman Project?


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